About Us


Serving the Industry Since 2008

We have been a viable business corporation in the State of Texas since 2008. serving the Oil & Gas Industry by providing Geological Consultants to the big five oil & gas companies from Onsite Company Man, Operations Geologists, GIS Analysts, Reserves & Economics Engineeers, and Director of Engineering & Geosciences


Newest Addition - Drones (UAV) Remote Sensing

With the absolute certainty of drones taking over much of the remote surveying that has been dangerous and impossible for humans to get to easily, we have branched out into drone operations and acquisition of data via remote sensing multispectral cameras to see everything from gas leaks, to whatever else you are looking for beyond the scope of the human eye


We Believe in Our Future Technologies

There is one thing for certain, our technologies in the oil & gas industry are an absolute. It is up to all of us, to make sure that, as scientists, we always hold ourselves accountable for the amazing things that come from them, while always staying mindful that we proceed with caution for the betterment of our great world