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Remote Sensing/Aerial Imagery Acquisition and Processing:

The fundamentals of which remote sensing work are based on the electromagnetic spectrum. Using active or passive sensors, this technology lets us know much more than the human eye can.

3D Terrain Visualization with Flythrough Scenes

To evaluate terrain conditions in remote or urban areas, detect any potential operational problems, and ensure that radio communication and telemetry signals can be maintained. DEMs and high resolution orthorectified satellite images are used to produce a representation of the local terrain conditions, without ever leaving the office.

Sample of 3D Terrain used for 2D/3D Seismic Acquisition

By utilizing stereo IKONOS satellite image data, Satellite Imaging Corporation can provide customers with 5m digital surface models (DSMs), 2m digital elevation models (DEMs), and a detailed, orthorectified satellite image mosaic at 0.8m resolution.
DEMs are also provided from the HRS SPOT-5 satellite sensor with a resolution of 20m, and from the stereo ASTER satellite sensor with a resolution of 15m. This data provides explorers and operators with 3D imagery and provides a substantial improvement in the visualization of surface and exploration targets.
The benefits are readily apparent, for example, in the field of oil and gas exploration. By combining the described process with interpreted seismic data in the vertical dimension, a greater understanding of the relationship between surface and subsurface structures can be achieved at both basin and prospect scale. This understanding is further enhanced when it is viewed in an immersive 3D visualization environment.

These services allow project planners, operation managers, and logistics managers to plan field operations in a computer environment, ensuring that the best access is provided and project objectives are achieved for:

Engineering and construction of pipeline, transmission, and road design

Oil and gas exploration and production activities

2D/3D seismic data acquisition

Environmental studies

Motion pictures and media

Urban modeling

Flood analysis

Real estate


In order to provide 3D terrain modeling and visualization capabilities within a GIS or mapping computer environment, high resolution orthorectified satellite image data must be available or acquired from the 0.62m QuickBird, 0.81m IKONOS, or 2.5m SPOT-5 satellite sensors. In some cases, digital ortho aerial photography may also be used.
If a 3D terrain modeling and visualization application requires good detail pertaining to the terrain features and terrain slopes for critical project decisions, an accurate digital terrain model (DTM) must be available. If there is no suitable DTM available for the areas of interest (AOIs), then a DTM can be acquired by some of the following satellite and aerial sensors:

LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging)

Stereo Aerial Photography

IFSAR (Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar)

Stereo High Resolution Satellite Image Data

The above remote sensors are listed in order of their resolution, capability, and accuracy.

Production of Flythrough and 3D Views

Satellite Imaging Corporation produces clear, captivating simulated views of almost any location from high resolution satellite sensor and aircraft data. We produce and process clear views over large areas with detailed resolution at realistic costs.

Our company has been producing products from satellite imagery for over a decade. From our continuous worldwide exploration and resource mapping activity, we have built one of the largest private satellite image archives, and great links to many other worldwide archives. We have the capability to produce the elevation data necessary to generate realistic and detailed perspectives for any of your project needs.

The sample 3D terrain visualization scene provided below is a combination of digital aerial photography with a pixel resolution of 0.25m and a 5m LiDAR DTM.

The Remote Sensing Data Processing Leaders

ITT - Visual Information Systems


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